Poland for the first time showed South Korean K239 Chunmoo missile systems on the Polish Jelcz 8 × 8 chassis

The Polish Ministry of Defense published the first photos of K239 Chunmoo multiple launch rocket systems on

based on the Jelcz 8×8 ​​chassis. The pictures were taken in the Republic of Korea.

What is known

Poland has acquired 288 K239 Chunmoo missile systems.218 units will be produced on the territory of the Republic of Korea, and the rest in Poland. The Korean company Hanwha Group will transfer technology to launch production in a European country.

The K239 Chunmoo launcher is located onJelcz 8×8 ​​chassis (pictured above). Three Polish trucks were delivered to the Republic of Korea in the middle of last month. They have been modernized and have received new equipment.

Deliveries of K239 Chunmoo will last until 2027. The first multiple launch rocket systems will go into service with the 18th Mechanized Division.

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K239 Chunmoo can launch four typesammunition of various calibers. Among them is the tactical 600 mm Ure-2 missile, which is an analogue of the American ATACMS. The launcher is also compatible with GMLRS high-precision missiles.