Poland has improved the Soviet tank T-72

A modified Soviet T-72M1R tank was presented in Poland. It has improved some technical


The combat vehicle was shown at the MSPO 2020 defense exhibition in the city of Kielce. It is reported that the modernized T-72 will be needed by the Poles before the commissioning of a new tank, codenamed "Wolf".

In the T-72M1R, the systems are primarily improvedfire control and communication. Voennoye Obozreniye writes that Polish specialists wanted to increase the combat capabilities of equipment without significant financial investments.

Externally, the T-72M1R can be distinguished from other versions bythe modified tank lacks an infrared system located to the right of the gun. The need for it disappeared due to the introduction of new systems to replace the active short-range night vision system. The tank's crew received new Polish-made night vision devices.