Popular online game Fortnite has been banned from Google Play and the App Store

The American company Epic Games, which is the developer of the popular online game Fortnite, decided to avoid

Google and Apple commissions. So, the company's initiative implies the purchase by users of the virtual money V-bucks used in the title, not by means of payments from app stores, but through direct payments.

This innovation has reduced the costin-game currency, because thanks to direct payments, users do not spend on Google and Apple fees. It should be noted that the size of the commission in the same App Store reaches 30%. At the same time, when purchasing 1000 V-bucks on Google Play, you need to pay $ 10, while you can pay $ 8 by Epic direct payment.

The initiative, of course, did not pleaseApple and Google representatives. So, soon the companies blocked the popular title in their app stores, explaining that the game violates the general rules applicable to all developers, and which are designed to ensure the safety of app stores for users. Epic Games, in turn, does not agree with this outcome and has already sent a corresponding complaint to Apple.

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