Popular heist shooter Payday 2 sells for half price

The digital distribution service Humble bundle continues to delight game lovers with great deals. This time

a promotion has been launched in the online store, in which the Payday 2 heist shooter is sold at half price.

If the game is offered for 752 at normal timesruble, now its cost has dropped to 376 rubles. Payday 2 is a robbery simulator designed for four gamers. The owner of the game room is given the opportunity to choose a suitable contract with a description of the tasks and goals for the team.

In addition to the title, there are also discountsadditional content for the game. So, with a 30% discount, you can purchase Payday 2: The Goat Simulator Heist. And for 395 rubles, you can purchase the San Martín Bank Heist add-on.

For a complete list of additional content available for purchase at a reduced cost, please visit this link.