See the largest iceberg ever taken from the air

RAF aircraft photographed the world's largest iceberg,

which drifts across the South Atlantic.The A400 aircraft flew over an iceberg of 4200 sq. km. It is called the A68a, and new detailed photographs allow even the smallest details of its surface to be analyzed.

The photographs show numerous cracks, icepieces that have separated from it, and tunnels that are located just above sea level. The Antarctic iceberg is already affecting the territory of South Georgia. The A68a is located just 200 km from the island and there is a possibility that it gets stuck in shallow water near it.

Satellite images that scientists received inrecent weeks also show that the edges of the A68a are rapidly eroding. But some of the broken pieces are themselves large icebergs, so scientists will have to track them too - these chunks can pose a danger to ships.

New photos and videos of the A400 will be analyzed to try to understand how the iceberg will behave in the coming weeks and months.

Iceberg A-68 broke from the ice shelfLarsen in July 2017. Then its area was 5.8 thousand square meters. km is twice the area of ​​Moscow. Its size was 175 km by 50 km, the average thickness was 190 m, and the mass was 1 trillion tons. The breakaway of the A-68 reduced the total area of ​​the Larsen C ice shelf by 12%.

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