Look at Hubble photos of planetary nebulae

Hubble captured images of the three nebulae in 2019 and early 2020. The astronomers involved in the project used

images of radiation between infrared light to learn more about their properties.

These studies were the first panchromatic image reviews to understand the formation and refinement of planetary nebulae.

Thus, the analysis of images of the Butterfly Nebulaconfirms that it appeared only about 2,000 years ago. Also, its S-shaped radiation can be even younger. Astronomers previously believed they had discovered the nebula's central star, but the star is not actually associated with the nebula. Future research, scientists hope, will help find the true central star.

Precious Beetle Nebula analysis basedon early knowledge of her. Paula Moraga Baez, a PhD student in astrophysical sciences and technology from Dekalb, Illinois, called the nebula "amazing" because of its unusual combination of circularly symmetric, axisymmetric, and point symmetric structures. The nebula also contains large masses of molecular gas and dust.

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