Almost half of the Russians surveyed watch or read blogs

In 2017, 26% of Russians admitted that they had heard the word “blogger” but did not know its meaning. In 2020 such

gained 14%. At the same time, the share of answers “keep a diary on the Internet, their own page, blog” has grown during this time from 36 to 40%.

According to the data provided, the respondents wereasked a question about bloggers exaggerating the size of their audience and, accordingly, the scale of popularity. 59% of respondents answered positively to it, and 31% do not agree with this formulation.

At the same time, 43% of Russians believe that bloggers are independent of control by the state and corporations, the same number of respondents hold the opposite opinion.

Number of people reading or watching blogshas increased since 2017 from 34 to 46%. A young audience is more inclined towards the creativity of bloggers - 63% under the age of 24 and 50% under the age of 34. Among other age groups of those who regularly follow someone's blog, 30% are over 60 and 43% are over 45.

The researchers found: 51% of Russians believe that bloggers' activities are "a fashionable activity that will eventually cease to be in demand." Others are convinced that blogging is a profession of the future, which will be more and more in demand (35%).

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