Almost 40% of Russian freelancers with no experience are ready to work 40 hours a week

All workers who recently appeared on the freelance exchange were divided into three categories.

  • Beginners

They do household chores, work on staffor study. There, 44% answered that they expect to receive a stable flow of orders later, and 32% want to find a small temporary job. 10% set a goal to build a portfolio in this way and are ready to fulfill orders for free.

  • Specialists (17%)

They rate their level as average. These people have more than two years of experience, there are examples of completed orders, mainly students and workers. The respondents answered that they want to get a stable flow of orders (55%), to find a small part-time job (29%). About 34% are willing to devote a full working week to freelancing.

  • Experts (9.8%)

So, 55% of them are already doing design work atfreelance, the main goal for 80% of respondents from this group is a steady flow of orders. 38% are ready to fulfill orders full-time, only 8% - on weekends.

From January to August 2020 (inclusive) onthe exchange registered more than 832 thousand new freelancers and 116 thousand new customers. For comparison, over the same period in 2019, 382 thousand new performers came and just over 62 thousand customers.

Freelancers named among the main problems:

  • lack of experience - 34.3%;
  • lack of knowledge by profession - 20.2%;
  • lack of orders - 16.9%;
  • inability to competently negotiate with customers - 5.9%.

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