AI philosopher appeared

A Canadian researcher has published an AI model that can reflect on any topic she asks

user. AI uses the OpenAI GPT-3 Text Generator to parse and respond to text, or simply develop a thought for further reflection.

The system was introduced by the Vancouver programmer MuratEifer, he describes the system as an "operational engineering" experiment. Eifer admits that AI is unlikely to generate brilliant ideas. Instead, he “just mimics having knowledge,” which means that sometimes he will give conflicting answers to the same questions.

“Any of you can now check whetheran AI-based philosopher model to provide an answer to your existential question. You can even check several times - if one day he decides not to answer a sensitive question, the next time the result may be completely different, ”notes Aifer.

Reporters found that AI refusesto answer some questions, and they could not figure out why. Perhaps the model ignores frequent philosophical topics, and also refuses to respond to the user if he touches on absurd, controversial or offensive topics.

Ayfer plans to add more schools of thought and ideas to the system, as well as teach the model more words and expressions. It will represent the AI ​​as a game model.

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