There is a new method that will speed up Intel processors by 20%

Intel has unveiled a new method of making semiconductor transistors that, according to

Chief Architect, could improve the performance of the next generation of Intel processors by as much as 20%.

Intel is one of the few companies in the world thatdevelops and manufactures its own chips. It has now announced a new method for making SuperFin transistors, which, along with new material used to improve capacitors on chips, will improve processor performance.

As the developers promise, this process will allowcompanies to qualitatively improve the parameters of semiconductor devices. SuperFin is said to be Intel's most successful manufacturing optimization experience.

This is 20%, the largest intra-site jump in our history. This is a huge productivity boost and we are proud to have developed this method.

Raja Koduri, Intel Chief Architect

Reuters reporters note that the company has not yetintroduced new products, so it is difficult to verify Intel claims. They hope to test them in fall 2020. For example, the SuperFin method will be used in the production of Tiger Lake laptop processors, which are due out in a few months.

In the future, Intel wants to conduct anotherprocess optimization: it will be called Enhanced SuperFin. It will take additional steps to improve transistor performance and new connection enhancements.

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