The President told how they will deploy medium and short-range missiles

The report notes that the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty (medium and short-range missiles), as a result

which it ended is a serious mistake that increases the risks of unleashing a missile arms race. In addition, in such conditions, new reasons for the conflict of the parties arise.

Also, Russia has confirmed a moratorium ondeployment of ground-based INFLMs. However, this is relevant until similar US missiles appear in the corresponding regions. NATO countries were invited to consider the possibility of a similar moratorium.

It is noted that Russia is ready not to deploy 9M729 missiles in Europe, which became the reason for the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty - but subject to reciprocal steps by NATO

The head of state called on all interestedcountries to seek schemes for maintaining stability and preventing missile crises "in a world without an INF Treaty" in relation to the Asia-Pacific region.

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