US President Compared Russian Coronavirus Vaccine With American

As it became known, the current US President Donald Trump compared the Russian coronavirus vaccine with

American. The material was published by the TASS agency.

Interestingly, the head of the United States decidedavoid commenting in detail on the Russian drug, limiting himself only to the phrase that he “does not know about the Russian vaccine and is not very sure about it”. At the same time, he also did not forget to mention the development of the United States, which, in his opinion, should become a generally recognized standard.

We will remind that earlier Trump reported on the successeshis country in the fight against COVID-19. According to the president, in August, the incidence of a new infection decreased by 38% compared to July. At the same time, he announced the beginning of the third phase of trials of the vaccine against the infection of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.