An application for emergency unlocking of car doors will appear in Russia in 2022

It is planned that the service will be available not only for drivers of private cars, but also for users

car sharing and taxi, said Yaroslav Fedoseyev, the official representative of NTI "Autonet".

As Fedoseev noted, application developmentcaused by "technical malfunctions of car sharing and the desire of some taxi drivers not to let their passengers out." He said that the service will be free, the driver will be able to install it of his own free will. The system will operate on the basis of the Russian service telematics platform Avtodata.

As conceived by the creators of the application, throughsatellite system GLONASS, it should automatically detect the car in which the user is, and within 2-3 minutes after indicating the problem, unlock the doors.

According to Fedoseev, the application will includecontain the data of all machines connected to Avtodat. To connect to this platform, a car must be equipped with a modern telematics system, now 20% of cars in Russia have it. According to Avtonet's estimates, by 2025 this figure will reach 50%. It also requires the direct consent of the car owner to process the data.

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