Gradient app: find out which celebrity you look like

You may have already seen photos in which the neural network compares people with celebrities - they have

You look like. What kind of app is this? It is called Gradient - in fact, it is a photo editor in which, for the sake of promotion, they added such an unusual free feature.

First, download the application (the link will bebelow) and open it. The program will offer to issue a paid subscription, but you can simply close this window: the subscription includes tools for retouching, and the function we are interested in is also available in the basic version. Click on the purple Try now button to proceed to search for your double.



Maria Sharapova, for example, is very similar to Shakira (at least, the neural network thinks so).

At the bottom there is a purple Reload button. There is a click on it, the result will change. Sometimes couples come out quite unexpected.

The collage can be customized to your liking: at the bottom there are several templates, and at the top there is a switch between a dark and a light theme. The rightmost template makes a collage of the three most exact matches. When everything is ready, click on the icon in the upper right corner to save the photo to your phone.


Download Gradient for iPhone for free

Download Gradient for Android for free