IPrize app or how to make money with your talents

IPrize mobile app published in the Russian segment of the App Store and Google Play

users earn on their talents and abilities.

iPrize is an electronic platform where onlyin five minutes, users can create their own contest on any topic and for any audience. Here, users can take part in any other numerous competitions, revealing their creativity and abilities. The winner of the competition is determined by the platform participants themselves by setting “likes”. Users who get the maximum number of “likes” and become winners receive cash payments from iPrize through electronic payment systems.

iPrize is a gaming platform consisting of three main functionalities:

1. Constructor of Competitions online. Allows the user to independently create and place their own Competition in the mobile application. Any creative tasks, on any topic and any audience (for a close circle, for corporate tasks, for professional communities and for the whole world). The process of creating a competition takes no more than five minutes, and in each competition a reward from iPrize is established.

2. Participation in competitions. Allows users to participate in numerous competitions of works from other users in different categories (Beauty, Video, Photo, Design, Food, Music, etc.), publish their original videos, photos and ideas, demonstrate their talents, reveal their abilities and creative potential. The winners of the competitions are determined by the users of the platform themselves by voting. At the end of the contest period, the user who scored the most “likes” automatically becomes the Winner.

3. Making money. By participating in various online tests, quizzes and contests, users receive points, which are then converted and displayed in real money.

The service can also be used in various ways.by companies as a tool for solving their corporate and business tasks: supporting customer loyalty to a product or service through tenders and quizzes, promoting sales and solving marketing problems of companies to promote goods and services, supporting the corporate spirit, team building, event events and so on.

Thus, iPrize is a crowdsourcing platform created by “users for users”, which allows its members to gain fame, earn recognition and make money.

You can download iPrize here: http://en.iprize.co/share/main