By accepting the Baldur's Gate 3 user agreement, you will have to sing or dance for the glory of the Forgotten Realms

Advocate wisdom advises to read the contract before signing, but gamers often skip

user agreement to quicklyget into the game. Nevertheless, the new creation of Larian Studios proves that sometimes it is worth familiarizing yourself with a boring canvas of text so that later you do not have to dance and sing serenades.

For the Glory of the Forgotten Realms

Reddit users posted part of the EULA(user agreement) from Baldur's Gate 3. As it turned out, in addition to the standard conditions, the developers prescribed a clause obliging players to send a recording of "a song, text, poem or an explanatory dance" to Larian. In case of refusal, the signatory loses the right to "fame, fortune or notoriety as" the founder of the Guild of Great Geniuses.

Here is the full text of the agreement:

“By accepting this pact, you undertake to fulfilladditional assignment: send one (1) recording of your slogan, song, lyrics, poem, or explanatory dance to Larian extolling your interest in the Forgotten Realms.

In case of refusal to fulfill this order inDuring the first three winters after the adoption of this pact, you will lose the right to further fame, wealth and / or notoriety as the founder of our Guild of Great Geniuses.

You hereby grant Larian Studios a worldwide, perpetual and free license to publish such recordings through Larian Studios' social media channels. "

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However, gamers are not against such conditions in Baldur's Gate 3. In the comments under the publication on Reddit, users are already looking for ways to send their creations to developers in order to get into the Guild.

As noted by PC Gamer, such conditions inThe user agreement is not new to the D&D players on whose rules Baldur's Gate 3 is based. For example, the D&D 5th Edition Rulebook states that Wizards of the Coast is not responsible for the consequences of any unsuccessful saving throws, including petrification, poisoning, death magic and the breath of the dragon.

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