Powerbeats 4 sales begin Wednesday, March 18

Beats has launched a new generation of Powerbeats wireless headphones. Powerbeats 4 sells for $ 150 and will

Available for order on March 18th.

Apple Powerbeats 4 wireless headphones receivedmore curved design reminiscent of Powerbeats Pro. The design of the wire that connects the headphones has changed: instead of the headphone case, it is attached to the end of the ear hook. Thanks to the updated form, the headphones are more securely fixed in the ears, they are comfortable to wear during training.



Powerbeats4 are equipped with an Apple H1 chip on whichAirPods Pro works, which means they support Siri and will be able to work from one charge cycle up to 15 hours (compared with 12 hours in the previous model). There is the possibility of fast charging - 5 minutes of charging is enough for an hour of headphones.

Powerbeats 4 are resistant to sweat and moisture, like their predecessors.

The power button is located on the left earphone, withUsing the right, you can adjust the volume, play music and answer calls. The headphones do not have active noise reduction, automatic pause and transparency mode.



Unlike its predecessor in Powerbeats 4Charged Lightning. Headphones are available in three colors: white, black and red. Complete with headphones, three pairs of nozzles of different sizes for optimal fixation of the earbuds, Lightning cable and nylon case.

The updated Powerbeats cost $ 50 cheaper than the 3rd generation, $ 149.95, so they can be considered Apple's base budget sports headphones.

Even before the official announcement of Powerbeats, AppleInsider reporters managed to test them first: