Tested one of the coolest vacuum cleaners of 2020, even though you can't afford one

FerraDyson V11 absolute extra + Dyson in home appliances is Apple. Someone thinks that it is too huge

assessment, but few will seriously argue thatthey make high-quality and technological gizmos. And Dyson V11 Absolute Extra + is an improved version of the flagship model of the Absolute Extra vacuum cleaner (added attachments to the kit), which in terms of capabilities is between the original model and Absolute Extra Pro. As you might expect, the vacuum cleaner is not cheap, so let's figure it out - why they ask for that kind of money, and whether it is worth buying.

Table of contents

  • Appearance
  • Opportunities
  • Cleaning
  • Competitors
  • Samsung Powerstick Jet 90 complete
  • Xiaomi Roidmi NEX X2
  • Total


In case you didn't know, Dyson is exactly the onethe company that, in fact, defined the look and feel of the modern cordless vacuum cleaner. In the format of a module with a battery and a dust collector, on which nozzles are hung, including through an extension cord: