The first electric car in Russia based on digital twins has been developed

It will be the first Russian electric vehicle developed entirely on the basis of digital technology

twins and specialized digital platforms.

Alexey Borovkov, Head of the Engineering Center of SPbPU

A prototype is already ready, and it will be presented atexhibition. The electric car was named "Kama-1". It was developed by specialists of the SPbPU Engineering Center as part of an electric transport design platform from a compact city car to city 18-meter electric buses that meet international certification requirements.

This is a crossover capable of accelerating to 150 kilometers per hour, the length of the car is 3.4 m, the width is 1.7 m.The power reserve is up to 250 kilometers in the city, and acceleration to 100 km / h will take less than 7 seconds

Smart crossover is competitive both from a pointin terms of technical and consumer characteristics, and in terms of design, safety and comfort, it meets the requirements of international certification, Borovkov added.

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