Cyberpunk 2077 game developers are threatened with death due to another game transfer

Recently, the creators of the expected game Cyberpunk 2077 announced another transfer of the game, this time on December 10, 2020

of the year. Some fans were upset by this news so much that they began to threaten the death of the game developers.

That the creators of the game are threatened by physicalviolence, said CD Projekt RED senior game designer Andrzej Zawadski. According to him, such appeals are "unacceptable and simply wrong." It is worth noting that the conflict intensified after the social networks of the project, on the eve of the transfer (to be more precise, on the day of the next transfer), announced that the game would be 100% released within the previously indicated terms.

Recall that some time ago CD ProjektRED announced that Cyberpunk 2077 has gone gold, that is, the "printing" of disc copies of the game has begun. This usually means that there will be no more transfers and the game will be released on time. But Polish developers were able to surprise us.