Revealed new details about the first full-size headphones Apple AirPods

An insider revealed new details about Apple's first full-size AirPods called Studio. They will receive

important technology that will make them more usable.

According to an insider L0vetodream, AirPodsStudio will be equipped with a U1 chip. It will be used to track the location of the headphones. Thanks to this, the device will be able to recognize the orientation in space. That is, AirPods Studio will detect if the headphones are on your head. By the way, they can be worn by either side. Audio channels will switch automatically.

The U1 chip is based on Ultra WideBand (UWB) technology. It allows devices to exchange data, and by their transmission speed it is able to estimate the distance between devices.

It is expected that U1 will be used in the AirTag as well.