Unpacking AirPods Pro and first impressions

AirPods Pro will go on sale only the other day, and the network already has several videos with their unpacking. Thanks video

You can better understand what the new AirPods Pro looks like with a charging case.

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Compared to conventional AirPods, a charging caseAirPods Pro is a bit wider. Differences in design between new and old headphones are immediately evident, so that they are not confused. This is mainly due to air vents on the AirPods Pro for regulating pressure.

Three sizes of silicone inserts are included. Apple even has special text to help you find the perfect liner size for maximum noise reduction and better sound quality.

Also included is a USB-C / Lightning cable instead of USB-A / Lightning, as with regular AirPods.

The sound quality of the headphones is good. Everyone is very impressed with the noise reduction features and the new Transparent mode. Much attention is paid to bass. In general, the sound quality is much better than conventional AirPods. They also sit more comfortably in the ear.

The new AirPods Pro costs 20,990 rubles. They have the function of active noise reduction, improved sound quality, protection against water and sweat, as well as the duration of work, as in conventional AirPods. Headphones will appear in stores this week.