The spread of coronavirus in Russia was calculated mathematically

Specialists from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University calculated the spread of coronavirus

in Russia mathematically.

This was reported in the publication "Komsomolskayatrue". According to the published data, scientists have created a mathematical model, thanks to which it turned out that the surge in the incidence in the country will occur before December 31 and will correspond to the peak rates recorded on July 15. Recall that on this day 245 680 infected were identified. According to Aleksey Borovkov, vice-rector for promising university projects, Russia will be characterized by “monotonous steady growth”.

The mathematical model itself is built taking into accounta large number of parameters, including the number of infected and recovered patients, as well as the coefficient of patients on the mend. The model also takes into account the susceptibility of people to COVID-19 and the density of contacts between Russians.