Registrar Navitel R700GPS Dual. Two witnesses

Navitel R700GPS Dual - a novelty on the market for video recording of traffic conditions! Essentially it is

multifunctional device that combinesin itself a high-quality recorder that writes in 2 streams, as well as a GPS informer (I will tell you more about it in the review, a fun and useful thing). I had the opportunity to closely test the capabilities of the DVR in the field, and I'm ready to share my opinion about the new product!

For more than 2 years, our editorial team has succeededget acquainted with different models of recorders from Navitel. There were also budget models, there were also premium smart mirrors with 2 cameras (Navitel MR250). So, the example of the R700GPS Dual clearly shows how the company is improving the convenience of its products. I hope the guys will not change course and will continue in the same spirit. Finally, the registrar was equipped with such a good-quality suction cup, now there is no need to calculate the seat on the forehead, because with 3M tape there was no second chance to outweigh. The software has become faster, more settings have been added. The plastic of the case, buttons, everything has become more pleasant to the touch. There are, of course, disadvantages, which I will talk about during the review, but they are not so critical that they immediately draw your attention to them.


  • Two cameras - it's great! No, well, really, it's calmer when the fixation of the situation occurs not only in front, but also behind. Now you have 2 invisible witnesses who will never change their minds and are completely at your disposal. The main module has a photosensitive sensor from Sony with a Night Vision prefix and in low light conditions the picture is really quite bright! The rear view camera is protected from water and dust, which means it can be mounted outside without problems, it is not afraid of environmental influences. The resolution is of course not Full HD, but HD, but believe me, you don't need more, the memory card is not "rubber".

  • GPS-informer allows you to get up-to-dateinformation about speed cameras, road works, dangerous areas along the way. In addition, the current speed of the car can be displayed on the display of the registrar (I used to think this function was useless, but over time I realized that periodically information about the speed is still read). By the way, other Navitel models have similar functionality, for example, R600 GPS, R1000 GPS. Thanks to the built-in GPS antenna, the device records your movements, which allows you to track the movement of the car and read the routes in the application.

  • Wi-Fi module for recorder control and viewingvideo files directly from your smartphone. There is even nothing to argue about the convenience of this function. The card reader and the computer are not always at hand, and the situations on the roads are different and sometimes it is important to react quickly, do you agree?


  • MSTAR AIT8339 processor
  • main sensor SONY IMX307 (night vision). Recording resolution 1920 × 1080 FullHD (30 fps), viewing angle 170 °, 4 glass lenses
  • rear view camera shoots with a resolution of 1280x720 (30 fps), viewing angle 90 °, protection IP65
  • recorder display with a diagonal of 2.7 ″, resolution 320x240 px
  • Wi-Fi, GPS
  • support for memory cards up to 64 Gb
  • 300mAh battery to complete recording
  • shock sensor (G-sensor), parking mode, sound recording


Everything here is unchanged:

  • registrar
  • windshield mount
  • cigarette lighter power cable
  • rear view camera with a long cable (about 5.5 meters) and double-sided tape for fixing in the cabin
  • video cable
  • microfiber cloth
  • instruction, warranty card
  • gift voucher for Navitel cards

Video quality

Sony has taken more than justmobile photography, but also video recording devices. If a sensor from a Japanese company is installed in the recorder, then you can be sure that the picture will please you (within the budget of the device, of course). And if the sensor has the coveted night vision prefix, then you are generally very lucky and in the dark on your memory card there will be one of the brightest, most detailed and readable videos!

SONY IMX307 sensor which is installed in NavitelThe R700GPS Dual produces a really stable and detailed picture. Yes, this is not a new sensor (it began to be produced in 2018), but it managed to prove itself on the positive side and is installed on many models of famous brands, including Xiaomi 70mai recorders, which says a lot.

View examples of Navitel R700GPS recordings on the Cloud


I installed Navitel R700GPS Dual exactly like 3weeks ago, before that, I carefully formatted the USB flash drive (new registrar - new data). Installed, configured and did not touch any more. Everything works like a clock. He started the car, followed by the dashcam automatically turned on, 5 seconds, and he was already writing. In the heat, the device proved to be stable, let's see how it will be in winter, but I think that there will be no problems.

Loved the windshield mount andsystem of connection with the main device. The hinge is quite rigid, which is undoubtedly a plus. When using the control keys or accidentally touching, the recorder will not change its position and you will not have to re-search the horizon and look out for stands on the sides. In practice, this is indeed an important nuance.

What did not like

On the downside, I would attribute a slightly confused menu andthe inability to control the sound volume of the GPS informer warnings. I was not the only one who wrote about this, and for some reason the Navitel engineers did not add this function, although the overall volume of the device can be controlled. Also, I would attribute the work of the Navitel DVR Center application on iOS to the shortcomings. Of course, you can use it, but at times it works unstable. I could not catch the patterns, but there were no problems with an Android smartphone! The program for Windows (Navitel DVR Player) is very pleased! Comfortable and functional, nothing more! We are waiting for the version for MacOS.


For the rest, Navitel R700GPS Dual is one of thethe best classic windshield recorders in the segment up to 8,000 rubles. Golden mean! Stable fast operation of the device. The video quality is excellent, detailed, even in the dark. The second camera is definitely a necessary thing. And GPS and Wi-Fi generally come as a nice bonus and outweigh the balance of the choice between competitors and the R700GPS Dual towards the latter. It's nice when installed and forgotten.