Boston Dynamics robots danced with Mick Jagger, repeating the clip of The Rolling Stones 40 years ago

Boston Dynamics has released another video featuring its famous Spot robot dogs. This time they

swung at the clip of the legendary The Rolling Stones.

What showed

So, they took the clip of the group Start Me Up as a basis,calling it in its own way Spot Me Up. In the video, the robots completely copy the movements and dances of Mick Jagger and other members of The Rolling Stones. A mechanized "hand" looks like a neck with a head and a mouth, while robots sing, dance, and even play drums.

“40 years ago, The Rolling Stones presented theircult album Tattoo You. We help them celebrate, ”explains Boston Dynamics. By the way, the video was created with the support of Mercury Studios, Polydor Records and The Rolling Stones.

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