Parents say student inequality during distance learning

The overwhelming majority of the parents surveyed (72%) noted that during distance learning, children strongly

are distracted and teachers are unable toto keep order. As a result, it turns out that disciplined students assimilate information qualitatively, and the so-called C grade students receive less attention from teachers, "significantly limiting their level of interest in learning."

If the so-called new reality continues in a pandemic, then Russian schooling will create a colossal stratification between children.

Nurlan Kiyasov, Director of EdCrunch University

He noted that as a result, lagging students will stop receiving any knowledge at all.

As a result, disciplined students learnthe information is of high quality, and the “C-grade students” receive less attention from teachers, “limiting their level of interest in learning”. The parents also listed other disadvantages of distance education. So, according to 34% of respondents, an important disadvantage is the low quality of the Internet connection, another 29% called interruptions in the work of online platforms, another 20% said it was low digital literacy of teachers.

According to the director of the Center for General andadditional education to them. A.A. Pinsky of the Institute of Education of the Higher School of Economics Sergei Kosaretsky, due to the current situation, schoolchildren will have a worse chance of enrolling in demanded colleges and universities.

The survey was conducted in cities with a population of one million. 15 thousand parents with school-age children took part in it.

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