A swarm of AI-controlled drones detected and tracked several targets on land and in the air

The trilateral defense alliance AUKUS, which includes the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, held

testing of military equipment based on artificial intelligence. Innovative tests were held in April this year.

What is known

Unmanned aerial vehicles took part in the tests.Blue Bear Ghost and Insitu CT220 aircraft, FV433 Abbot self-propelled artillery, Challenger 2 tanks, Warrior armored vehicles, Viking ground drone and OT-90 infantry fighting vehicle. Also, over 70 military and defense company employees were involved in the event.

Military equipment was able to successfully detect andtrack targets on the ground and in the air in real time. The UK Department of Defense said in a statement that this was the first such test of Australian, British and American equipment with the support of artificial intelligence technologies. The event was organized by the UK's Defense Science and Technology Laboratory.