Russian airline equips aircraft for the first time for the blind

Note that, on average, about 160 stickers are placed on one plane, the numbers of the rows of seats are indicated on them, and

also toilet doors.

This requirement of the Ministry of Transport applies toall new aircraft, if the contract for their delivery is concluded after January 1, 2020. Additional stickers are for soap dispensers, paper towels and other hygiene equipment.

Braille labels are printed onspecial film approved by aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus. Each inscription and its placement must be agreed with the manufacturer. The documentation is handled by the S7 Technics design bureau in Novosibirsk.

Many tests have been carried out onthe manufacture of stickers in order to withstand a certain height, diameter and distance between font elements in accordance with the requirements of GOST. As a result, the most optimal technological process for the production of stickers was found and good tactile readability of the font was ensured.

Konstantin Dyomin, Process Engineer for the Repair and Restoration of Aircraft Interior Products

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