Russian tanks missed half the time in demonstration firing

At the Army 2020 forum, several Russian tanks conducted demonstration firing at stationary targets. TO

unfortunately, Russian cars missed half the time.

The T-90A tank missed twice out of three. At the first launch, the rocket did not reach, the second did not hit the target. Only the third was a good start.

The T-80U had the same results: two misses and one hit. It is noted that the tank's gun barrel was shaking violently.

The T-80UE-1 had a better situation. Of the three launches, two were successful. But the T-80BVM showed three misses at all.

Only the T-72B3 had excellent results. The tank made four launches of a tank guided missile, and they all ended in hits on the target. That is, eight out of 16 launches are misses.

The publication "Voennoye Obozreniye" noted that netizens consider the low level of crew training to be the reason for the poor shooting results.