Russian and Chinese debris escaped collision in space

In Earth's orbit, two pieces of comic debris missed each other - according to researchers, their collision could

lead to the formation of a dozen more dangerousdebris. The approach took place on the morning of October 16 over Antarctica. LeoLabs, a company that tracks objects in orbit, said no sign of a collision was found.

Scientists noted that a collision could occurat an altitude of 991 km above the Earth, the resulting fragments from the collision would remain in orbit for a long time. They would pose a significant threat to active satellites, and it would take millions of dollars to remove them to a safe distance.

Eight countries have agreed to explore the moon together. Russia and China are not involved

Scientists have previously expressed concern abouta segment of an old Russian satellite (COSMOS 2004) and a wreck of a Chinese rocket (CZ-4C R / B). Experts estimate that these two pieces of space debris will travel less than 25 meters from each other, so there is a high risk that they will collide. Moreover, their total weight is more than 2800 kg, and the speed is 53 thousand km / h.

In the event of a collision in orbit, it coulda large amount of debris formed. According to the company, the probability of collision ranged from 1 to 20%. LeoLabs warned that the number of such dangerous events in the future will only grow.

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