Russians were told how to buy a used iPhone correctly

Experts told Prime agency how to choose a used iPhone or another smartphone, and where it is profitable


First of all, experts advise notconsider questionable ads in which the smartphone is offered at a too low price. Such a device may simply be broken. In general, you can try buying a refurbished smartphone from a used phone store.

When choosing a device, experts advise you to go toa commodity aggregator to view smartphones according to the set of desired characteristics and budget. This, for example, AliExpress or Yandex.Market. Also, experts recommend reading reviews for models.

Sometimes a directly discounted smartphone can befound on Yandex.Market. You can also search for the product on Avito. However, in specialized offline stores, you can count on the fact that the phone has been tested before being sold and it is working properly. Moreover, such stores may even provide a guarantee. When buying on radio markets and from hands on this is not necessary.

On Avito, experts recommend paying attention to the date of registration of the seller on the site. If he registered on the day or on the same day when he posted the ad, then this is most likely a scammer.

“After you have selected a few ads, make an appointment. Proposals to send the phone immediately, discard it, you have to buy used phones in person, ”the expert says.

At the meeting, you should carefully examine the device. If the phone looks like new, then it is refurbished in 90% of cases. The owner should be asked if he has repaired the smartphone. You should also check if the SIM card is working: reset the phone to factory settings, perform the initial phone setup and call someone. For iPhones, it is also advised to test the fingerprint scanner and Face ID.