The Russians were told what could happen in the country after turning off the GPS

The author of the TJournal publication explained what could happen in Russia if the GPS is turned off in the country.

GPS (Global Positioning System -

Global Positioning System) consists of 24 satellites that continuously send time and position information to Earth.

A lot depends on the satellite navigation systemon the planet. If the GPS connection suddenly disappeared in Russia, the first thing people would encounter would be problems with movement. Navigators would stop working, and drivers would have to check the map, which could cause traffic jams. There would be disruptions in the work of urban transport. Stores would disrupt grocery delivery schedules, leading to either overcrowded or empty shelves.

Cellular communication would be disrupted. Many electrical grids that use GPS clocks in their equipment would also suffer. Banks without GPS would not be able to reliably time-stamp monetary transactions. Synchronization of a computer network, digital television, radio, data collection by meteorological services and monitoring of earthquakes in the Volga region, Eastern Siberia, the Caucasus and Kamchatka would become impossible.

However, one must understand that modern deviceswork with a variety of navigation systems, including GLONASS. They can switch to them in the event of a GPS failure without the user noticing. However, the GLONASS accuracy is lower.

“Almost everything worked somehow beforeavailable navigation receivers, and may somehow work again. Yes, there will be a transitional period - somewhere days, and somewhere years - when there will be difficulties. And now we will not predict which organizations have a sufficient margin of safety and which ones do not, ”commented Ilya Tagunov, software developer for satellite systems.