Russians are buying smartwatches with blood oxygen control

The novelty is able to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, which helps to determine the presence of a disease in

carrier. As a result, it can be used to monitor the health status of those infected with COVID-19 who are being treated at home. In case of a sharp drop in O2, you should immediately seek medical help.

Apple has partnered with several medicalorganizations, figuring out how to use this function in the future to monitor the condition and treatment of people with asthma, heart failure, respiratory and other infectious diseases such as influenza and coronavirus infection.

Head of Digital Medicine GroupBoris Zingerman assured that the gadget could become an excellent assistant for monitoring the health of patients with COVID-19 at home - the SpO2 level is indicated in any guidelines for the treatment of coronavirus as a key criterion for the severity of a patient with pneumonia.

Zingerman added that now we cannot talk about using the watch in a clinical setting, but such smart gadgets are a good replacement for professional pulse oximeters.

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