Russians consider measures to combat COVID-19 insufficient

According to a survey by the Superjob job search service, more than half of the residents of Volgograd (54%) and Samara

(51%) believe that the authorities need to work harder,to counter the spread of the virus. Another 26% of Volgograd residents and 23% of Samara residents, on the contrary, are sure that the measures taken are sufficient. The remaining 5 and 7% called the measures taken excessive.

Half of Voronezh residents are also sure thatthe authorities did not take the problem seriously enough. Only a quarter of the respondents have no complaints. 49% and 48% of the population of Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk, respectively, are critical. Also, 45% of the residents of Perm, 43% of the population of Ufa and 42% of representatives of Nizhny Novgorod consider insufficient work of the authorities in this direction.

Less critical were respondents fromYekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don. There, four out of ten residents believe that the authorities are not working effectively enough. The situation is similar in Krasnoyarsk (38%) and in Omsk (36%).

In St. Petersburg 41% complained about the lack of measuresresidents. At the same time, at the beginning of October 27% of the population stated that restrictions were insufficient, at the beginning of April - 24%. According to 32% of Muscovites, the authorities could work better in terms of the epidemiological situation. For comparison, in early October, 28% of Muscovites said that measures were insufficient, and in April - 39%.

The survey involved 1.5 thousand respondents from Moscow and St. Petersburg. And a thousand more respondents were interviewed from cities with a population of one million.

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