Russia has opened flights with a number of countries. How safe is it to fly there?

  • Montenegro

Yesterday, August 4, it became known that the authorities of Montenegro allowed Russian tourists to enter

country. The Balkan country came to the conclusion that in the interests of developing the tourism industry, citizens of Russia and Azerbaijan can be allowed into Montenegro.

However, planes have not yet flown there. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia said that there is no information yet on when Moscow will allow flights to Montenegro. You can get to the country only with transfers.

Russians do not need a visa to enter the country if you are flying for no more than 30 days.

Montenegro has launched business jets for some timewithout a test, for some time during July Montenegro launched yachts without a test. Accordingly, many people, for example from Russia, when there was a direct flight Moscow - Belgrade, flew to Belgrade and flew from Belgrade by jet - it cost about 500-600 euros per person. There were a lot of companies that began to organize these jets in a hurry, and on the whole it worked well, but, of course, this did not make up for the lack of tourism in the country even by 5% of last year's figure.

Mikhail Rybakov, founder of Bureau Montenegro real estate agency

The Coordination Council indicated that citizens of Russia and Azerbaijan will be able to enter Montenegro without any additional conditions.

The decision for these two countries was made based on the epidemiological situation, as well as the needs of the tourism industry in Montenegro.

Ukrainian Consul Mikhail Shmatov is extremely unhappy with the fact that Montenegro has opened the border for tourists from the Russian Federation. The representative of Ukraine in Montenegro accused the authorities of the republic of discrimination against compatriots.

I am outraged that the RF was immediately placed in greenzone without any conditions. Since the beginning of summer, Ukraine has been providing Montenegro with the largest number of tourists, having 13-14 flights a week, and at the same time has limited rights.

Mikhail Shmatov, representative of Ukraine in Montenegro

Shmatov expressed the hope that the authorities of the republic will remove the discriminatory conditions of citizens of Ukraine.

  • Great Britain

On August 1, 2020, the Russian Federation, on a reciprocal basis, resumed air traffic with the UK, which had not previously closed borders, but introduced quarantine for arrivals. Flights to London will be operated.

After arrival, the Russians must observe the regimeself-isolation for 14 days. Those arriving in the country must also complete an online form 48 hours prior to arrival, indicating their health status, contact information and the address of the place where they will be in self-isolation.

From June 8 in the UK, introduced indue to the pandemic, the rules for entering the country, among which there is a two-week quarantine. The fine for violation of quarantine is £ 1 thousand (about 97 thousand rubles). Violators of the regime are monitored by health workers who regularly conduct spot checks at the addresses indicated in the questionnaires.

Self-isolation does not apply tocitizens residing in territories belonging to the Common Immigration Space, which includes the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. Exceptions are also made for seasonal agricultural workers, truck drivers delivering goods from the continent to the UK, medical workers and foreign officials traveling for work.

  • Croatia

The border with Croatia opened in mid-July.

Based on the recommendations of the Croatian InstitutePublic health authorities of the country have decided to open the borders to an expanded list of citizens from countries outside the European Union, including tourists.

The country is admitted on a Schengen visa, although Croatia is not part of the Schengen zone.

To enter the country, you need a certificate ofnegative test for COVID-19 (negative PCR test received no more than 2 days before arrival). Otherwise, you will be quarantined for two weeks. Its term can be shortened for those who are examined at their own expense on the spot. At the border, you may be asked for a voucher for prepaid accommodation.

  • Maldives

Russian citizens will be among the foreign tourists for whom the borders of the Maldives will open on July 15. This was announced by the Ministry of Tourism of this resort country.

The country's authorities announced that they are ready from July 15accept tourists from all over the world, including Russia. In addition, arrivals do not need to provide coronavirus test results and undergo mandatory quarantine. The only reported restriction is that tourists will only be able to stay in one hotel during their holiday.

The ministry's website additionally indicatesthat now only hotels located on uninhabited islands will be able to receive tourists, there are about 40 of them. From August 1, hotels on the inhabited islands of the Maldives will also start working.

The visa is issued on the spot and lasts 30 days. You must have a valid passport for at least six months after the date of entry, as well as a prepaid hotel reservation.

  • Abkhazia

Since August 1, the Abkhaz authorities have lifted restrictions oncrossing the border with Russia, acting due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pedestrians and vehicles can freely cross the border, checkpoints operate in a pre-coronavirus mode. At the border, those entering are not required to provide a certificate of absence of COVID-19.

However, the Ministry of Health of the republic called it unexpectedimmediate opening of the border and expressed concern about a possible increase in the number of infected. The operational headquarters proposed to introduce restrictions on the border

Deputy head of the department Alkhas Konjaria stated thateven before the opening of the border, an outbreak of COVID-19 among the local population was recorded. The coordinating headquarters had previously discussed that this would happen in stages; it was also planned that a certificate of absence of infection would be required to cross it.

Earlier, a video appeared on the network in whichthe car queue at the border of Russia and Abkhazia was captured after the restrictions imposed on the background of the coronavirus pandemic were lifted. It became known that those wishing to get from the republic to the Russian territory stand in line for several hours.

  • Turkey

On August 1, Russia resumed international flights with Turkey.

Immediately after the opening of the borders with Russia, a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infections was recorded. This was announced by the head of the Turkish Ministry of Health Fahrettin Koca.

“This is the first time in a long time that we are seeing a serious increase in the number of infections,” Koca wrote on his Twitter.

  • Tanzania

Flights from Russia are possible from August 1 and only onisland of Zanzibar. Upon arrival, tourists do not need to present a certificate of absence of COVID-19. Russians need a visa to visit Tanzania. It can be issued either at the airport of arrival for 50 euros, or for one day and 60 euros in Moscow. The visa is issued for a period of 90 days.

On board the plane, Russians need to completea special questionnaire (Health Surveillance Form). In it, you need to indicate the data of your documents, the name of the hotel, travel company, data for communication (phone), the presence or absence of certain symptoms that may indicate a disease. The questionnaires are forwarded to representatives of the Tanzanian Ministry of Health at the arrival airport.

Upon arrival, all passengers undergo medicalscreening (temperature measurement). In the event that a tourist is found to have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 (a person sneezes, coughs, feels bad, etc.), he will be offered to take an express test for COVID-19 right at the airport. If the virus is confirmed, the patient will be sent to the hospital.

The President of Tanzania announced in early June thatthe epidemic in the country ended before it started (officially, as of early May, only 508 people were infected), and canceled all quarantine measures. Since then, the country has not recorded any deaths or cases of coronavirus. At the same time, in May, neighboring countries registered dozens of infected people who arrived from Tanzania.

  • Switzerland

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree removing restrictions on entry to Russia for Swiss citizens. Such a document is published on the government website.

Russia from August 15 resumes flights fromSwitzerland. Flights on the route Moscow - Geneva - Moscow will be operated once a week. Earlier, the Swiss embassy said that only those with a residence permit could enter the country from Russia. All visitors will be required to undergo a 10-day quarantine.

Despite the resumption of flights, the bordersSwitzerland for Russian tourists remain closed. Entry into the territory of the state will be available only for citizens with a residence permit (residence permit). Those arriving in the country will have to undergo a mandatory ten-day quarantine at their place of residence, since Russia is one of the high-risk states. For non-compliance with the rules, a fine of 10 thousand francs (780 thousand rubles) is imposed.

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