Rostelecom closed the state search engine Sputnik

The search bar has disappeared from the Sputnik website, and now it only displays links to other

company developments, including a corporate browser, news, data mining laboratory.

CNews asked Rostelecom about the reasons for the closurethe project, at the time of publication of the note, the company did not comment on the request. According to the portal, more than 2 billion rubles were spent on the project.

In 2017, Vedomosti learned that the authoritiesfound it ineffective. They wanted to close the project or reorient to other tasks, since for three years of work it did not gain even 1% of the Russian Internet search engine market.

Sputnik was launched in 2014. It was assumed that its use would be mandatory in government agencies. According to CNews estimates for 2016, the expenditures on Sputnik amounted to at least 2 billion rubles excluding the lease of space for developers, and the user audience of the search engine in Russia was less than 1%. In 2018, Rostelecom demanded that Sputnik LLC be declared bankrupt.

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