Rostekhnadzor announced four versions of the May accident at the thermal power plant in Norilsk

Recall, on May 29, on the territory of the CHPP, the foundation sank under the tank with diesel fuel, and

more than 20,000 tons of oil products. They got into the ground and water bodies.

The investigation considersthe following versions: first - design flaws that caused an incorrect distribution of the load on the pile foundation; the second is a violation during the execution of construction and installation works, which led to poor-quality performance of the pile foundation; third - climatic impact and fourth - violation of safety rules during the operation of the facility.

Andrey Khodosevich, Head of the Yenisei Department of Rostechnadzor

According to him, "it is premature to speak about the results of the investigation today, but taking into account what happened, Rostechnadzor has already taken additional measures aimed at preventing such accidents."

Khodosevich voiced all these versions at a retreat of the Federation Council in Krasnoyarsk.

Nikolay Utkin, director of the Norilsk Nickel Polar Division, said during the meeting that the company had spent about 3 billion rubles to clean up the diesel fuel spill.

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