The Romanian Antimonopoly Committee initiated an investigation into competition violations by Sony Interactive Entertainment

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While Microsoft is fighting for the right to acquire Activision Blizzard for the second year, the gaming industry may begin to

new high-profile trial. This time against the main competitor of Microsoft, which all this time slowed down the completion of the deal between the two American giants - the Japanese company Sony.

What is known

The Romanian Competition Council (Consiliul Concurenței România) has announced the launch of an investigation into possible competition violations by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The Romanian authorities cite the fact that digital versions of games for PlayStation consoles can be purchased exclusively from the PlayStation Store as the main reason for the proceedings.

According to the Romanian Competition Council, suchthe monopoly does not allow price cuts because third party distributors do not have access to Sony games. Consequently, consumers have no alternative to choosing a site to buy, which gives the Japanese company complete control over pricing.

This raises a legitimate question:why the Romanian Competition Council does not make the same claims against Microsoft, Apple, Google, Epic, Nintendo, since they are also monopolists of their goods and services.

Yes, Romanian officials noted in the document thatIt is the PlayStation that holds 80% of the game console market in Romania, but is this the real reason for accusing Sony of violating competition policy?

Source: Romanian Competition Council press release