Рэмбо ворвался в World of Tanks Console вместе с легендами боевиков 80-х и грандиозным обновлением

World of Tanks Console has launched the third season with a grandiose update and a meeting with the legends of action movies of the 80s.

World of Tanks Console Season Three

Wargaming called the new update “the mostgrandiose "in the history of World of Tanks Console. Along with the new content, the developers have brought a number of technical improvements. Firstly, players will find updated graphics with improved textures, lighting and increased details. Secondly, the developers have improved the interface, making it more convenient and intuitive.

New products:to the existing tab with personal information available after the end of the battle, Wargaming added the "Profile" menu. Progress, access cards, medals, statistics and history will be displayed here.

In the third season, new stars will also drop into the World of Tanks Console. This time, the 20 million audience of players will meet with the legends of action movies of the 80s:

  • Commander John Rambo, star of the eponymous film series and the embodiment of strength, endurance and military knowledge.
  • The second commander is Snake "The Serpent" Pliskin, a virtuoso criminal, a former special forces fighter and the protagonist of the cult movie "Escape from New York".
  • Finally, the cool commander - Colonel JamesBraddock from the action movie "Missing" - will bring to tank battles the endurance of a former prisoner of war, as well as the skill and experience of an honored military specialist.

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