SberConf-2020: a new format of offices, three voice assistants and a smart speaker with a display

During the broadcast, Sberbank presented the new Sberbank logo. The company turned out to be from the word "bank" in its


For the Sberbank brand name, we took the most importantfrom our banking heritage. The tick is a symbol of our dedication and focus on the benefits for humans. Our circle is a symbol of our focus on the needs of people and creating opportunities and comfort for them. We remain a green financial brand, but have added a bit of variety to what we do and what we do for the client.

German Gref, head of Sberbank

New company logo

Sber's new office

Bank offices will change, according to the firstDeputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Alexander Vedyakhin, they will turn into a place to live, a place of communication, where people come to meet. The renewed office will lose cash registers, and ATMs will be voice-controlled. Moreover, through an ATM it will be possible to call a taxi, order food or buy a movie ticket.

And smart cameras and biometrics will help to carry out operations without a passport. You can even have coffee with the branch manager, Vedyakhin promises.

Now it's not just a place where people comemake a deposit, withdraw cash or get advice or take out a loan. This is a place of communication, where people come to see new technologies, work, make an appointment or chat, like you and me, for example.

Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank

Also in the office you can send or receiveparcel through the checkpoint. We are talking about the SberLogistika service, which allows you to call a courier and send a parcel with him or do it through a checkpoint at a branch. For delivery by courier, you need to send a request, and an employee will appear with you within 15 minutes, but until the end of this year this service will be available only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Later it will appear in other cities of Russia.

Sberbank introduced a new payment system SberPay

Another change is the new ATMs with voice control. For this, Sberbank collects biometric data when issuing cards.

New machines recognize a person in advanceread biometric data, immediately after that the user has access to all standard functions. For example, to withdraw money or carry out any operation, only now it can be done using voice commands.

The company also introduced a service for savings in the Sber Online application. It allows you to discreetly postpone with every purchase.

Optimal city movement

In the taxi service "Citymobil" (owneda joint venture between Sberbank and Group), it will be possible to plot a route using electric scooters, and in the near future this option will be launched for bicycles and public transport. If taxi employees are unevenly distributed throughout the city, a customer may be given a discount for a trip to such a sparsely covered area.

The Citymobil taxi service has added the ability to book a scooter; in the near future, bicycles will appear in the application so that the application can build the most optimal route.

Personal schooling

SberClass already operates in 65 regions of Russia.

The company also showed SberClass, a service for personalized education for children. Students will be able to jointly solve tasks, and teachers will receive a new tool for automating work.

Technologies for entrepreneurs

Sberbank has created complex solutions for entrepreneurs - all the necessary services for a start are at hand at Sberbank Business Online.

The client will receive a service for evaluating a business idea withforecast for five years and return on investment, recruiting employees, checking contractors, outsourcing accounting and remote legal support.

It will be possible to take out a loan for a business and open a bank account online by filling out a form and attaching a passport.

SberDisk from SberCloud

SberCloud, a member of the Sber ecosystem, is launching a new cloud file storage for individuals - SberDisk.

After registration, SberDisk users canupload 15 GB of any files to the cloud for free and access them using the App Store and Google Play mobile applications, as well as through the web interface. You can expand your disk space to 100 GB or 1 TB for 83 or 249 rubles per month, and also in exchange for bonuses from the SberSpasibo loyalty program.

SberDisk users can:

  • automatically save photos and videos from your smartphones and tablets;
  • provide any person and organization with temporary or permanent access to their files and folders;
  • set up sync and recover deleted files within 30 days.

We have developed an easy-to-use, reliableand secure cloud storage. SberDisk makes ecosystem services more friendly and convenient for private users, and Sber ID support allows companies of the Sber ecosystem and its partners to integrate and supplement their products with file storage while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and security. Our company has a reliable IT infrastructure and has a high level of expertise in the field of information security, which is confirmed by regular audit and certification.

Evgeny Kolbin, CEO of SberCloud

SberDisk cloud storage is a combination of 15GB of free disk space, favorable rates, a high level of security and privacy, as well as integration with services and applications of the Sberbank ecosystem. Users can enter it using the "Sber ID" - a secure login account for the services of Sber and its partners. SberDisk allows users to create a single space for convenient storage of files and documents for all ecosystem services.

In offline mode, the SberDisk application allowsview saved data and content without Internet access on all devices on which the application is installed. IOS users can scan documents from the application. Android users will get this opportunity in Q4 2020.

Family of virtual assistants "Salute"

Sber's Salute is the world's first family of virtual assistants with different personalities, habits and worldviews. There are three of them: "Sberbank", "Athena" and "Joy".

"Sber" is advanced, versed in technology. Loves beautiful, complex abbreviations, while being easy to communicate. Introvert, appreciates order, but does not mind fooling around and playing. Speaks in the voice of dubbing actor Daniil Shcheblanov.

“Joy” is cheerful, has a highemotional intelligence, helps to solve everyday issues, freeing up the user's time. Optimist and extrovert, but respects personal boundaries. She speaks in the voice of the dubbing actress Tatyana Ermilova.

"Athena" - seeks to make its useras productive and efficient as possible, helps to structure business. Follows the rules and maintains order in everything, systematizes information. She was voiced by TV presenter Anastasia Chernobrovina.

We were the first in the world to create not just an assistant, buta whole family of AI characters to give users the ability to choose who they are most comfortable with at the moment. The assistants of the Salyut family are distinguished by high emotional intelligence: thanks to an advanced dialogue platform, each character is able to maintain dialogue in a manner peculiar only to him.

Konstantin Kruglov, CEO SberDevices

Assistants can not only keep the conversation going andfind answers to questions, but also order food, make an appointment with a doctor or a beauty salon, transfer money to relatives or pay for mobile communications. All assistants have the same set of abilities, therefore, by choosing one of them or switching between them, the user in any case gets all the capabilities of the Sberbank technology platform and ecosystem.

To activate the virtual assistant onyour smart device, it is enough to greet it with the word "Salute!", then the character chosen at the beginning of the interaction will respond to the appeal. Or you can say: "Salute, Sberbank!" or “Salute, Athena!” if you want to address a specific assistant right away.

The assistants work on the basis of cloud technologies with the help of the most powerful supercomputer in Russia "Christofari".

SberBox and SberPortal attachment

Sberbank showed SberBox - a prefix forTV sets, in which assistants from the Salyut family are built in, as well as other Sber services, including movies, ordering food, games and music. The device turns any TV into an entertainment center - it gives access to the Okko online cinema, SberSvuk music streaming, TV channels and games.

Virtual assistants have already been integrated intoHonor TVs. In February, SberDevices started selling its first publicly known device - Okko Smart Box. It was a set-top box designed for the Okko online cinema that connected to a TV and the Internet, controlled with a remote control and voice commands, but was not integrated with a virtual assistant.

The price of the set-top box will be 3 490 rubles, users will receive one month of subscription for all services for free. In the next month the set-top box will cost 2,990 rubles.

What is in the box:

  • productive chipset Amlogic S905Y2;
  • 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of permanent memory;
  • support for modern standards of content playback (UltraHD 4K and Dolby Digital Plus).

Tens of thousands of films, TV series and educational programs of the Okko online cinema (depending on the chosen subscription). As a gift - a free subscription "Optimum" (50,000 films and TV series) for a month.

Some movies support the functionvideo shopping: if you liked the hero's costume, you can find the same or similar in partner stores. You can also buy souvenirs with the symbols of your favorite films without being distracted from watching them in online stores - partners of the project.

To include the desired movie or track, you needpress the microphone activation button on the remote control and say the name (holding the microphone button while making a request is optional). SberBox understands Russian and English, searches by work title, performer, actor, director and genre. You can formulate a voice request in free form, you can also control playback and switch channels with your voice.

And one more smart device - SberPortal. Smart screen for video calls that focuses on the person in different parts of the room. The SberPortal is the world's first smart display with virtual assistant, powerful camera and Harman / Kardon speakers. In fact, "Sberportal" is a combination of a speaker and a tablet with face recognition and a voice assistant.

SberPortal is unique not only forRussian, but also for the world market device. Perhaps, no smart display has so many innovations and innovations implemented at once. We managed not only to saturate the device with modern capabilities, but also to make them work together in convenient user scenarios. No element ended up here by accident, every detail serves a different purpose in multiple scenarios. SberPortal is an example of the well-coordinated work of many companies in the Sber ecosystem. In addition to the integrated user services, our research laboratories also took part in the creation of the device.

Konstantin Kruglov, CEO SberDevices

The price for SberPortal was not announced, but they also promised to start selling it this year.

SberPortal's built-in virtual assistantknows how to identify its users and, depending on this, offer appropriate content. When a child is in front of him, the device switches to child mode: adult content, purchases and banking transactions are blocked. Instead, the smart assistant will invite the child to play a game, read a story, or do homework.

Microphones in SberPortal can be disabled by hardwareand all processing of the video stream (gesture recognition, autofocus during a video call, face recognition of family members) is done on the device, without transferring data to the cloud. The set includes a magnetic cover for the camera.

SberPortal supports all known methodscommunication with the user: it can be controlled by touch, voice and even gestures. The unique ability of SberPortal is an excellent understanding of all basic gestures: gesture V (Latin V formed by the index and middle fingers) - to activate the assistant; thumb up or down to like or dislike a track while listening to music; gesture STOP (open palm) - to pause playback; gesture MUTE (finger to lips) - to mute the sound. "


Sberbank launched SmartMarket platform, storesmart applications - skills for the virtual assistant "Salute". They say you don't need to download anything. Inside, not applications, but "skills", apparently, these are something like mini-apps that developers can add to the Sberbank platform.

Sber made a dance game. They say that anyone can do this in their app builder, adding face recognition and other tools there. Apparently, all applications will soon be able to recognize faces. Sberbank will pay developers of new skills for virtual assistants. Once a quarter, the company will pay the best developers up to 2.5 million rubles.

The company claims that SmartApps foreven small businesses can do voice assistants, including without writing code. Sberbank presented online tools and templates: it will be possible to collect and test a new skill right inside the system.

Smartmarket will be completely open to third partiescompanies with a focus on young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. “You now offer your products and services as virtual assistant skills. And our assistants are always close to people. "


The company showed a subscription to all of itsServices. The subscription will cost 199 rubles per month, the first 30 days will be free. Sberbank promises benefits of over 20 thousand rubles per year. You can subscribe on the website, in the application, and from October in any branch. Until the end of the year, the annual subscription will cost 999 rubles.

What services are included in the subscription:

  • Okko - up to 20 thousand films for free, for the rest - 15% discount;
  • SberSvuk - free access;
  • "SberMarket" - free delivery of products from stores;
  • SberDisk - 30 GB in cloud storage and 20% discount on additional space;
  • Delivery Club - 10% for 10 orders per month;
  • Citymobil - 10% off orders;
  • SberMobile - 15% for communication services.

Clients automatically benefit from the SberPrime subscription to each service by logging in via Sber ID, that is, the client no longer needs to have a separate username and password in each service.

A single "Sber ID" makes the customer experience much more comfortable.

Rebranding for Sberbank was done by internationalLandor & Fitch agency. Until recently, these were two separate large agencies. Landor is arguably the most famous branding agency in the world and one of the most popular among large Russian companies. In the 2000s, for example, it rebranded MTS (with an "egg" on the logo) and developed the S7 brand for Siberia Airlines. Fitch agency made the previous rebranding of Sberbank in 2009. In February 2020, both agencies were merged into one advertising group WPP, to which they belong.

Sberbank does not disclose the costs of developing the brand, but “additional costs, in addition to the usual activities for the introduction of a new brand,” estimated at about 2.5 billion rubles over 5-6 years.

Typically, a large international agency's fee for developing a new brand is $ 5-10 million.

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