Two Point Hospital Physician Simulator Now Temporarily Free

The popular digital distribution service Steam has launched a new promotion, thanks to which the doctor's work simulator

Two Point Hospital is now temporarily free. You can play the title for free until August 30th.

Two Point Hospital game is not deprivedhumorous component. So, it provides for cartoon characters and puns, like "enlighten", which manifests itself in the transformation of the patient's head into an electric light bulb. The game also provides the ability to completely build a hospital. Moreover, gamers will have to take up not only the placement of corridors and offices, but also the construction of interior items, making the room beautiful and attractive for patients.

You can play the game for free up to 30August. In addition, a 70% discount is valid for the game as part of the promotion. So, the title can be purchased for 419 rubles instead of the previous 1 399 rubles until August 31.