Fingerprint Reader - Apple's New Patent That May Settle Under the Display

Apple received a new patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Like many of the previous

patents, technology relates to the development of a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone.

According to the application, Apple wants to develop a way,which allows you to place the fingerprint scanner directly under the display panel. This should ensure that fingerprints are read anywhere on the display, essentially automating the authentication process. Users will not have to manually press a button to take a fingerprint.



Does this mean that Apple will no longer beNeed a dedicated home button? In reality, it does not mean, because the Home button performs a function much more than just scanning fingerprints. She will probably remain in place. However, in a full of surprises industrial age, you can expect anything.

These statements are currentlyjust a hypothesis, the exact information on how exactly the technology will be implemented in new iPhone models is not. It is possible that Apple is only testing the patented technology so far - in this case, we can hardly expect its implementation on the iPhone 8 in 2017.

The company itself says the following about its new invention:

“As soon as the fingerprint scanner isbuilt into the device may be convenient for faster authentication, especially when using other applications. In other words, user authentication as a separate authentication step is inconvenient in some situations - for example, if necessary, switch the task for the sake of authentication. ”

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