How long does it take to buy an iPhone 12 Pro (spoiler: very long) analysts have previously calculated the index of the new iPhone, and now they have presented an updated infographic -

with Ukraine and other countries on the list.

What do they think

For the analysis, we took the iPhone 12 Pro - version from 128GB. Official prices were compared with the average salary in several dozen countries and calculated how much it takes residents of one state or another to earn money for the new flagship from Apple.

Previously, prices in Ukraine were not known, but nowthe price tag was announced - 39,999 hryvnia for the analyzed version. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the average salary in our country is 11,998 ₴ (9,658 hryvnia after taxes).

How much do you need to work?

According to calculations, it turns out thatthe average Ukrainian needs 87 days to work on the new iPhone 12 Pro. This is in view of the fact that he will not eat and will not spend a single extra penny. But there is good news: Compared to last year's iPhone index, Ukraine's performance improved by 9.7 days.

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As a result, Ukraine is on the second line from the top. More to buy a smartphone you need to work only in the Philippines - 88.2 days. Switzerland, the United States and Australia have the best results, whose residents only need to work 4.4, 6.1 and 6.6 days, respectively.

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