Rumor: this year Huawei will start its own production of processors

Due to US sanctions, TSMC will cease production and supply of Kirin chips for Huawei from September 15th. The same

The sanctions call into question Huawei's continued collaboration with MediaTek and Qualcomm, but the Chinese company appears to have resolved the issue.

What's next

According to sources, Huawei is going to establishown production of mobile processors, without using American technologies and equipment. True, this information was reported by the American cell of the Russian media company RT, so you should not trust this data 100% without official confirmation.

If you still believe the source, partproduction facilities will be ready by the end of this year. Moreover, Huawei chips will be able to compete with competitors from Samsung, TSMC, Intel and other manufacturers.

At the same time, the insider @ RODENT950 recently wrote that Huawei is really striving for its own chipset production, but we are unlikely to see ready-made processors in the near future.

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