Rumor: The new part of Far Cry will be set in North Korea, and the star of the series “The Squid Game” will play the role of the main villain

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No one doubts that Ubisoft will continue to release new games in the Far Cry series, but their details are not yet available.

are disclosed.

What is known

While the developers remain silent &#8211; Insiders and data miners enter the Internet space and leak the information that gamers are so interested in.

A post has surfaced on the 4Chan forum about the first details of Far Cry 7 and they look interesting.

So, as the setting of Far Cry 7called a certain island Kimsan (Kimsan) near Korea, which was captured by the rebels, led by the brutal leader from North Korea (North Korea) Cho Sang Pil (Choi Sang-Pil). It is even known that the role of the leader of the militants will be played by the star of the series “The Squid Game” (Squid Game) Lee Jung Jae (Lee Jung Jae).

It is assumed that the game will be called Far Cry: Rise and it will offer a choice between a male and female protagonist.

The game will be playable both solo and in co-op, and for the first time it will be available for four players.

It is reported that the game will have a multiplayer mode Far Cry Conquest.

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Of course, Ubisoft does not comment on this information in any way.