Rumor: Samsung will release a foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold S in 2021 with a form factor like Microsoft's Surface Duo

We recently wrote that Samsung is working on three new foldable smartphones. Online now

there were some details about one of them.

What is known

According to our colleagues from SamMobile, one ofsmartphones will be called Galaxy Z Fold S. The device, according to rumors, will have a form factor like the recently released Surface Duo. But, unlike Microsoft's smartphone, the novelty will be able to boast one flexible OLED display, which will be covered with thin glass. In addition, the device will be equipped with a 360-degree hinge. It will allow you to fold the smartphone in and out. What kind of filling the device will receive - there is no information yet.

When to expect

It is definitely not worth waiting for a new product in the near future. Galaxy Z Fold S, if all goes according to plan, will not be released to the market until 2021.

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