Media: budget Nintendo Switch will be stronger and cheaper, but will lose the main features

Recently, the Wall Street Journal said that Nintendo is preparing two versions of the Switch, and now more appeared on the Web.


What is known

New rumors have come from the Eurogamer site. According to the source, the cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch will lose the docking station for connecting to a TV and will be stronger than the original. So the company wants to please gamers who use the console only in portable mode, and children. It is possible that the “cheap switch” will follow in the footsteps of Nintendo 2DS and get a solid plastic case.

If the rumors are true, then cheap SwitchIt will be stronger, without the possibility of connecting to the docking station and will lose HD-vibration. This can greatly reduce the cost of the console, which will attract the attention of even more gamers. According to Eurogamer, Nintendo wants to lure away users who are still playing on 3DS.

In turn, the improved Nintendo Switch cango through the development of the older line of "portable". In February 2015, Big N released New Nintendo 3DS, which became an improved version of the original Nintendo 3DS with an improved processor. Nintendo has even begun to release games that are only suitable for New 3DS.

The price of new consoles is not reported, but according to rumors, they will be released in the summer of 2019.