Media: TikTok removes content at the request of the Russian authorities. Perhaps this is an LGBT-themed video

For the first time this became from the company's transparency report. There the service indicated that for the first half of 2020

they have removed over 104 million videos. According to Bertram, from the beginning of the year to June 30, the app removed more than 500 videos on demand from different countries - about half of them came from Russia.

The document also states that 30.9%the deleted videos were with naked people and contained acts of a "sexual nature." They also removed 13.4% of videos with self-harm and dangerous actions towards themselves. TikTok "regularly deletes" videos of drug use and hate speech.

At the same time, the press service of TikTok deniedinformation that they are removing videos on LGBT topics. “The published information that TikTok is removing videos with LGBT content at the request of the Russian authorities is incorrect. We published a transparency report for the first half of 2020, in which we indicated that 296 videos were removed in Russia at the request of government agencies. We confirm that the videos in question have nothing to do with LGBT people, ”the service representatives said.

Oracle and Walmart become owners of TikTok

“Russian law is terrible but, unfortunately, wemust comply with the requirements of the country in which we work, ”said Bertram. The service has previously stated that they will comply with Russian laws and cooperate with the authorities. This happened shortly after Roskomnadzor announced plans to "test the application."

Earlier, the US authorities approved the purchaseTikTok applications by American companies Oracle and Walmart - they will become the owners of 20% of the service. The deal will allow the app to continue to run in the US as Oracle will store US TikTok user data in its cloud.

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