Organization created by Putin to train bloggers in Russia

The non-profit organization "Russia - the Land of Opportunities" announced that it will train everyone

blogging profession. The organizers say they are not going to politicize the project, but experts believe that the Kremlin will use blogging lessons to create loyal opinion leaders.

Organization "Russia - Land of Opportunities" wascreated in 2018 at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The new project of the NGO is called Top Blog. People over 14 years old can become its participants. It is argued that the project has nothing to do with politics. Its authors only want to promote "non-toxic blogging" in Russia, that is, blogging with taking responsibility for information and countering fake news. Various bloggers will lead the lessons.

Political analyst Konstantin Kalachev told Kommersant that the presidential administration wants to have its influencers (opinion leaders) on the Internet.