An application for determining the size of the foot has been created

The Russian company Prisma Labs, known as the creator of the Prisma photo editor, has created a new application. It can

determine the size of the feet.

According to Rusbase, the Neatsy application is also able to determine the morphology of the foot. All you need is the front camera of your smartphone. In general, the purpose of the app is to help you choose sneakers.

Unfortunately, the service as a 3D scanner only works on iPhone X and newer Apple smartphones. Apart from the iPhone SE. The application uses TrueDepth technology.

On iPhone 7, 8, SE, sizing is done using a questionnaire. It is reported that the application generally uses a combination of computer vision, AR scanner and machine learning technologies.

The app catalog contains sneakers from the brands Puma, Nike, Jordan Air and Adidas. After the service finds a suitable model, it will redirect the user to the brand's website or online store.